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I received my first camera, a Pentax Spotmatic, while a student at New York University during the late 1960’s. I cannot imagine a more exiting time to experiment and learn about photography - I lived in Greenwich Village and would wander about photographing everything from musicians in Washington Square Park, some of whom would later become well known, to protesters during the height of the Vietnam War,  to Central Park and Times Square. I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to document a very vital and historically important time in New York.  (See my Vintage New York here)

I loved photography and everything that it allowed me to do. I was able to tell a story, a narrative that connected each of us to one another. In a very powerful way, my photography could make people smile or laugh out loud. My photos were able to communicate the nuances of emotions with much more intensity than I was ever able to do with words. I could capture a gesture or the hint of an expression, or a place at a point in time that would never be the same. Taking photos for me really was about self-discovery.

These days, photography to me is more fascinating than ever. My projects attempt to tell important stories of our time; Urban Decay examines Detroit after the demise of the auto industry, Off the Interstate and Appalachia took me on a 7,500 mile road trip on the back roads of eight states, exploring the impact of the interstate and population loss on rural America, and Below Zero takes a closer look at northern Alaska. I have many more photos that I would love to display, and I will be adding additional sections and images to the site in the near future.

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Off the Interstate - A Trip Through Five States

Urban Decay - Detroit, MI

Below Zero - Finalist at PhotoLA 2014






Appalachia, West Virginia

Nevada Road Trip

Midnight in Black and White

All Images

Nepal and Bhutan



Everest Base Camp 17,056 Feet - Tibet & Beijing Images



Panorama of Lemaire Channel - Antarctica.  Check out more of our panoramic images here.




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